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A house for sale must appeal to the imagination,
it has to convince and seduce you.

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About Gigi

Gigi already knew when she was 11 that she wanted to become an interior designer. Always busy creating ambiance, moving furniture and choosing new colours and patterns. In 2005, together with her sister, she was a pioneer in homestaging and started the styling agency More2Sell. In 2018 she continued on her own as She believed she could, so she did.

Selling your house can cause a lot of stress and raise questions. Fear whether it will succeed. Certainly if your house is in the higher price segment. How long will it take? Is the new house ready on time? What happens if the house is not going to be sold on time? All uncertain factors that are often not discussed with the broker or project developer. But they are essential to achieve a good end result. And each house deserves its own approach. A personal approach that works. And Gigi does that. Together with you, for the best result.

Her personal mission

I, Gigi, reach the connection with myself and others from my authentic core. Out of movement and balance I create a habitat and living environment in harmony and beauty that fits the residents like a second skin.

4D animation

In Wassenaar and The Hague alone there are currently more than 265 homes for sale above € 1 million. In order to express the essence and value of such a valuable building, each house deserves its own approach. Many of these villas or apartments in the higher price segment are dated. Deprecated. Do not have the desired layout. And certainly not the desired look and feel. How to seduce potential buyers to make a viewing?

I now have the perfect solution for this and am very proud to show you my offer. exlusively ByGigi.The best of the best. A 4D video made entirely on the layout of your house, but with a different layout and in a new up to date style. Sales styling luxury style. For a luxury home.


Vision by Gigi

The way of selling your house is going to change. It is becoming increasingly transparent for the seller what exactly is needed to sell your house. This will happen through new technologies, innovative communication strategies; so that you can closely follow the sales process of your house yourself. The role of the broker will change. They will have to provide even more information and knowledge on the legal level and digitize even more. For buyers, it can go in the direction that they can buy a property without having seen it.

This of course happens already with newly build houses, so why not with houses ‘of age’?

Everything is energy and guiding energy is important in the entire sales and purchasing process. Because it can be lost very quickly. Selling your house is not just about money, it is also about emotions, dreams, desire, the next step. Despite the renewed communication and digitization, the human contact between expert and seller / owner will remain important before the property goes on sale and during the sales process. But then it should be customized.

I can bring the movement between seller and broker. Give you as the owner/seller the confidence if the sale stagnates by being the connecting factor between seller and broker. Step by step I take you into what exactly is needed to present your house optimally for such a good realistic price. And adjust where needed in the sales process if, for example, it stagnates. In connection with myself and therefore in connection with others. I help highly sensitive busy home owners who want to sell their house in the higher price segment and either have no overview, or have no time or not enough energy to do this process alone. I help them sell their home in such a way that they can say goodbye to their home in harmony and be ready to take the next step in a new home. I help the buyer of this house to see themselves in their dream house and to be able to purchase the house. By Gigi approaches the seller in an equal and respectful way and at their pace to present their valuable property, their house to be sold, in such a way that harmony and beauty, as it were, reveals the essence of the house. So that the energy and appearance of the home resonates with the right buyer.

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